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POE Splitter


RL-PD1102 is 15.4W PoE splitter, it is an economical and practical PoE remote power equipment base on IEEE802.3af/at standard. It can separate the power and data via cable transmission. Proper matching use with poe switch or PSE injector which meet standard IEEE802.3af, Provides power and data at the same time for the terminal device does not support POE.PD802 Model output two tranches voltage of 5V/12V use with the power supply equipment, It helps to expand wireless city, Security monitoring and other poe practical place, and is not restricted by layout of power line.

 Support power over ethernet cable device for example wireless AP and IP camera.

  Support international standard IEEE802.3 af(15.4W)a.

  Support 10/100Mdata transmissiona.

 ▶  PD support 37V-57V voltage transmission, Automatically detects power supply from PSE power supply modulea.

  12V two kinds of power output, easy to access Poe network for non-poe terminala.

  Support the isolation circuit protection, can effectively protect electrical equipment.

  Support the short circuit, overvoltage protectiona.

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