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2.0 MP 5 inch 20X WDR IR Network Speed Dome


▶  100dB optical WDR;
▶  20x optical zoom, automatic focusing and the focusing is quickly and accurately;
▶  Support auto iris, electronic shutter and ICR filter switching functions;adapt to different monitoring environments;
▶  3D noise reduction, image of night vision clearer;
▶  Using the array of infrared light as fill light, image of night vision  clear and bright;

▶  Angle of the infrared lights can be adjusted intellectually according to the scene,

     and the  fill light,more uniform,can reach 150 meters;

▶  Low bit rate, Dual stream, supports dynamic rate control;
▶  Using H.264, MJPEG video encoding, high compression ratio, good image quality;
▶  The maximum resolution of 1920 (H) × 1080 (V), and the image is clear;
▶  Network adaptive technology, picture of high-speed motion  is clear and smooth;
▶  IP66 protection class;
▶  Surge prevention design for the Ethernet port.

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