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Relong 2015 new product launch marks a new Network HD era

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Shenzhen/June1, 2015----Relong 2015 New Product Launch designed to showcase the  company’s latest innovations in ultra HD series that help video surveillance  work smarter.

Hosted by brand manager Zhang wenyu, the conference was held in the multifunctional exhibition hall of the company.The launch showcases Relong’s newest lineup of ultra  HD products, including the premium Ambarella series with the supporting facilities. And Relong as a world leading security supplierand producer after 17 years’ development will inexorably shine the security industry.

Relongnew ultra HD series stand out from the competitive market featured  by  outperformed technology and flexibility.

1.Diversified and integrated products:

Two brand series Ambarella and Hisilicon covering a wide range from 1.0 megapixel1.3megapixel, 2.0megapixel, 3.0megapixel to 5.0 Megapixel to meet with various requirements. Top-notch WIVS-9200, the video surveillance management software, seamlessly integrate with HD series without any difficulties

2. Advantages feature Ambarella  series:

Premium picture and exquisite clarity; A high-definition resolution of realtime 5MP(3072×2048, 30fps) or even sensational 6MP(3072×2048, 20fps) supported by the standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

High resolution and low bit rate, H.264 compression,based on smart - AVC, Region of Interest  dynamic video compression, such as ROI optimization technology, low latency,low bit rate;

Broadcast  level 3A,support broadcast level 3A automatic control  technology,support WB,AE,AGC,provide excellent HD picture & high colorreduction;

Outperformed  integrated network drive circuit provides stable transmission even above 120meters。    

3.Top-mounted quality but  reasonable  price:

Customer-oriented, Relong  insists that providing good quality at a reasonable price is vital.


4.Seamless compatibility without any difficulties:

The flexibility and  compatibility of Relong products enables our video surveillance solutions to  adjust to various applications. So Relong witnessed the success of  numerous  cooperation with many famous   manufactures.


5.Independent R&D supported by award-winning technology:

Striving for excellence, Relong has been pouring resources and energies in upgrading  and  updating. At present, a R&D office covering 1000 square meters islocated in Nanshan ,SHENZHEN. Relong will provide a professional network HDproduct line within proprietary intellectual property.


Relong CEO Zhang nenfeng speaks  on stage during the product announcement. He said that following the trend of  network HD features the security industry, Relong will step into a new era by  introducing Ambarella series. And he suggested that creativity should be input  and new channels should be developed to provide more superior HD products to  meet various requirements from our clients. As launching a series of civilian  products and the upgraded P2P WAP Browser, Relong will reach new prospects by  delivering you lifestyle-enhancing services. And in the end, chairman Zhang  gave his best wishes to the sales department for a better achievement in the  competitive market.

       CEO Zhang nengfeng speaks at the event

Introducing Relong latest products

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