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A delegation of American college students visited Relong

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Adelegation of 20 college teachers and students from Utah, America paid a visittoWanjiaan Interconnected 

Technology Co.,Ltd in Shenzhen on June 19th with the focus on Sino-UStechnology and culture exchange.


ZhangNengfeng, the chairman of Wanjiaan, and Cao Lingfei , Mid East area manager,gave a brief introduction on the development and prospect of Wanjiaan aftergreeting the visitors.


Underthe guide of manager Cao, the group visited the multifunctional exhibition hallwhere they witnessed the outstanding features of Relong products. The productsincluded TVI&AHD series, Hisilicon series, Ambarella series and civilianindustry products on show have won the visitors’ approval and admiration.



Ina meeting after the visit, chairman Zhang exchanged his opinions with thegroup. He introduced that Relong would expand to realtime video application andthe health care application for the aged based on the intelligent videotechnology and Internet.


Whengiving answers to the questions from the active students, chairman Zhang sharedhis experience in founding the enterprise. He suggested that they should have atry if they have chances. He encouraged students to overcome difficulties andto insist to the end. He also said that the success of Relong after ups anddowns is owe to the courage to face failure and the group construction.Chairman Zhang’s inspiring words have win much admiration from student.                                                            



Thedelegation also visited other enterprises in Thailand, Vietnam and Guangzhouand traveled to scenic spots like Guilin after they left Relong. Chairman Zhangexpressed his wish for more chance for enhancing communication between Chineseand American students. He said Relong is always willing to make an effort andcontribution to the boost the science and technology development of bothcountries.   

 At the meeting

    Manager Cao Showed Relong Products

CEO Zhang shared his experience

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