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July Outdoor Birthday Party

Time:Fri, 01 Apr 2016     Views:522    

An  outdoor birthday party, organized by Relong human resource department, was  celebrated on July 12th, in Yangtai Shan Forest Park , Dalang, Shenzhen.

After  gathering at the foot of Yangtai Mountain, the group firstly introduced themselves  to each other amid the green and luxuriant forest. Then various activities  including rope skipping, playing badminton and sharing birthday cake took place  in the scenic valley near a murmuring and wandering stream. It seems that everyone  was immersed in joy and happiness in the clean and clear green.And  the valley was resonated with bursts of laughter when birthday stars received best  wishes from guests who spoke in dialects.

Before the end of the  party, birthday stars have received gifts from the company. And after the  relaxed joyful day, everybody is able to communicate mutually and promote the  friendship.

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