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Relong Enterprise Culture Construction Award Ceremony

Time:Fri, 01 Apr 2016     Views:665    

On July 9th, Relong Enterprise  Culture Construction award ceremony was celebrated in the exhibition hall of  the company.

Human resource manger Xu and brand manager Huang who spoke highly of this event attended the ceremony. Manager Huang said that this event was a  perfect chance to carry out our employee oriented principle and encourage their  participation. And an panel is exclusively engaged with various cultural  slogans which collected from all Relong staff. Here, intensive tests, checks  and  discussions took place before the announcement was made. Manager Huang also  encouraged employees to contribute to the development of Relong while the  company was keeping forward with the times in the Internet age.

At the ceremony, personal prize winners and  team representatives received bonuses and took group photos. And with the  following achievements on cultural construction, we believe that an inexorable riseis waiting for Relong .

Our Slogan

Your Safety, Our Duty


Core Value

Keep progressive and  Innovative.


Enterprise  Culture

Innovation &Share &Thanksgiving &Responsibility


Talent  Strategy

We appreciate striving and sacrifice.


Working  Policy




mart and safe  city with the security solution.



Connect everythingfor a better life.


Development  Strategy

Supported by video  technology, we concentrate on HD intelligent video surveillance, e-video and  e-healthcare platform.


Operation Principle

Integrity &Innovation & Service & Win-win



Customer oriented,Relong serves you with all commitment.

 Group shot

      Who is the next winner?

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