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Senior executives optimistic about Wanjiaan’s further development

Time:Wed, 05 Aug 2015     Views:1192    

SHENZHEN, China/July15, 2015 —Senior executives met in Shenzhen to discuss the further development  of Shenzhen Wanjiaan InterconnectedTechnology Co.,Ltd(Wanjiaan).

The favorable performance  in the shareholding reform in the first half year after thorough preparation of  finance department tells that Wanjiaan has achieved original targets. And as  the ongoing development of Wanjiaan, top managers have respectively taken  office in overseas, R&D and brand departments. Supported by these fresh administrators  who armed with professional achievements and management skills, Wanjiaan will  welcome a new start.

Chairman Zhangsaid, “Departments should cooperate sincerely to accomplish the goals in the  next half year and try to impress our clients from home and abroad with a completely  new Wanjiaan in the 15th China Public Safety Expo(CPSE) . I wish  that all of you keep up with the pace to move forward and I believe that Wanjiaan  will have a better future with your effort.

  Chairman Zhang talks to executives

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