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The completion of Relong new exhibition hall

Time:Fri, 25 Mar 2016     Views:1695    

Relong new exhibition hall is completed as a  platform to introduce Relong  products.

The  design of the exhibition hall combines  Relong style and attractive color  scheme decorated by white and blue to establish our brand’s identity. This  latest built hall shows overall about Wanjiaan and Relong such as the company  profile, milestone, awards, products and successful stories. And diversified HD  surveillance products including intelligent storage series, HD IP cameras, civilian  products, live video center and demonstration center have been showed in the  hall.

What’s  more, e-safety video platform, the latest realtime video application platform  established by Relong in 2014, made its debut. Offering video community、video sharing、security e-business and security services, the  platform enables customers to enjoy scenery all around the world through  MT(mobile terminal) with no limit on time or space and to share and purchase  realtime security and health solutions and services. Another significant  platform e-safety health platform was also lunched to bring benefits to elders  and disabilities who can enjoy full services from video safety nurse、health and medical management 、 to mental concern.

Relong  has been insisting a diversified strategy to meet different demands from global  clients and striving to build a top-ranking international brand. The company  has been making effort in science-technology innovation, social responsibility  and quality.

The  completion of the exhibition not only offers a better platform for Relong to  show  image, promote brand and expand market but also improves our working  conditions. We believe that Relong will welcome a promising prospect within ourcommitted effort.

                                                         Relong Demonstration Center

                                                 Orderly display of Relong products

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